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Trevor English - Celebrant

By delivering a bespoke individual ceremony which is designed to reflect your needs and making sure the content is unique to you.

I am an independent celebrant offering civil ceremony wedding ceremonies. 

I offer a traditional wedding ceremony and I can also cater for a full celtic handfasting. I cater for full celtic handfasting or a partial handfasting, as part of a wedding ceremony ( which is becoming the most popular, ) civil partnerships, renewal of vows, baby naming and at the other end of the scale, funeral ceremonies. 

I will deliver a bespoke individual ceremony which will be designed to reflect your needs. We would meet to make sure the content is unique to you. Your individually designed ceremony can have as much or little religious content as you want, from whichever religion you practice and be performed where ever you want from a venue of your choice to the middle of The New Forest or even your back garden!

What you need to know about the legal aspect of a Celebrants wedding ceremony.

Currently in England and Wales only registrars and designated religious clergy and officiants can legally complete the paperwork for marriage documents. This means that (for the time being) this part remains separate to your wedding celebration ceremony. You can arrange to visit the register office to formalise the paperwork at a time convenient to you, which may be the morning of your wedding or a day or two before. I suggest you don’t exchange rings before the registrar. 

I don’t need to see any documentation in order to conduct your wedding ceremony, it is entirely up to you when you hold your legal marriage. I deliver a ceremony which is similar to that of a civil registrar led wedding, your guests need not know and will be pleasantly surprised at how personal it is.

I cover Hampshire and The New forest and boundaries.

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